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About The Department

The Department of Assamese, as a distinctive faculty was introduced in 1949, in the year of establishment of the College. Hons. (Major) in Assamese has started in the year1964. At present, the department has 5 teachers. There is a healthy and cordial atmosphere in the department which has deep qualitative impact on teaching - learning process.

            Former faculty  of the Department were:-

Name of faculty

Date of joining

Date of Superannuation

Mrs. Preetilata Goswami



Mr. Prafulla kr. Baruah



Late Srikanta Kalita



Late Basudev Das



Dr. Hem Bora



Dr. Depali Bora



Dr. Rubi Bora

Dr. Geetashree Tamuly


List of Existing Teacher:-

Sl No.

Name of Faculty



Dr. Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjee

M.Phil, PhD


Mr. Dhruba Kumar Sardar



Dr. Mausumi Boruah



Dr. Joya Kalita

M.Phil, PhD


Miss Madhusmita Gogoi



Dr. Jayanta Dutta

M.Phil l, PhD ( Part-time faculty)

Some Alumni of the department:-

1. Dr.Nagen Saikia,Ex Hod,Dept. of Assamese,Dibrugrah University,Ex M.P. Rajya Sabha,Ex President,Asom Sahitya Sabha.

2. Mr. Lachit Phukan ,Deputy Director,State Central Library,Assam.

3. Mr. Kaustbmoni Saikia,A prominent Poet.

4. Professor Keshav Saikia,Editor,Asomiya Satdin Sewa and Journalist, retd. Professor, N.N.Saikia College.

5. Dr. Hem Bora, Retd. HoD, Assamese department, D.R. College ,A prominent writer.

6. Professor Bisweswar Hazarika,Retd. HoD Dept. of Assamese,B.Boruah College ,Guwahati A writer and scholar of Assamese Languages.

7. Professor  Sailen Tamuly,Retd. HoD,Dept. of Assamese, J.D.S.G.College,Bokakhat.

8. Dr. T. Goswami, Retd. Vice Principal, N.N. Saikia College, Titabar, A prominet writer.

9. Dr. Banti Rani Phukan,Retd. Principal,H.P.B. Girls College,Golaghat, A prominent writer

10. Mrs. Binapani Devi, Retd. HoD, Dept. of Assamese, J.B. College, Jorhat.

11. Dr. Dipti Dutta Das, Associate Professor, Dept. of Assamese Cotton College, Guwahati.

12. Mr. Cheniram Nath, Retd. HoD, Assamese, Golaghat Commerce College.

13. Professor Biman Borthakur, Retd. HoD,Dept. of Assamese,J.D.S.G. College,Bokakhat.

14. Dr. Geetashree Tamuly, Associate Professor, Dept. of Assamese B.Boruah College,Guwahati.

15. Mrs. Amiya Pator,Associate Professor Dept. of Assamese,Nagaon Girls College.

16. Mrs. Labonya Bora,Associate Professor,Dept. of Assamese, D.K.D.College,Golaghat.

17. Dr. Chiranjita Bora, Associate Professor,Dept. of Assamese Cotton State University, Guwahati

18. Mrs. Bonti Kalita,Assistant Professor,Dept. of Assamese,Golaghat Commerce College,Golaghat

19. Mrs. Nirupama Brouah, Assistant Professor, Dept of Assamese Komarbondha College, Komarbondha ,Golaghat.

20. Mrs. Rinkumoni Gogoi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Assamese, Purbanchalik College, Hatiekhowa, Golaghat.

21. Dr. Poly Bora, Subject Teacher,Betionee H.S. School,Golaghat.

22. Mrs. Nasrin Begum, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Assamese, Purbanchalik College, Hatiekhowa, Golaghat.

23. Mrs. Monsumi Bora, Assistant Professor, DIATE, Roha Nagoan.

24. Mrs. Dipumoni Bora, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Assamese, Borpathar College, Borpathar, Golaght.

25. Mrs. Thoibi Phukan, Assistant Professor, Govt. Model College, Deithor, Karbianglong.

26. Mr. Manjit Rajkhowa, Artist.

27. Dr. Joyanta Dutta, Critic.

28. Mr. Abhijit Bora, Artist,Awardi Munin Borkotoky Award, Sahitya Akademi Yuva Purashkar (2021),for his short story collection, ‘’DEUKA KOBAI JAI’’

SWOC analysis of the department and future plans:


  • Competent faculty member with research degrees and research publications
  • All teachers are very helpful to students
  • Teachers are involved in research works, various co- curricular activities of the college and also attend different workshop, training, refreshers courses etc.


  • Less faculty in comparison to student enrolment.
  • Insufficient infrastructure facilities.
  • Insufficient reading room.


  • Scope for language & cultural studies of different tribes of Assam.
  • Scope for introducing new courses.
  • Rich Departmental Library.
  • Scope for strengthening outreach programme.

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