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About The Department

The Botany Department came into existence in the year 1960 as an elective subject of two years’ Intermediate Science Course. The honours / Major classes of degree classes have been introduced in 1975. Since the inception of the department, a number of distinguishing teachers adorned the faculty of Botany from time to time. Presently the department has 5 full time teachers. The academic condition in terms of the quality of faculty and learning process is healthy and adequate. All teachers of the department are sincerely engaged in scholarly pursuits. Besides, the faculties are engaged in students’ project work on different topic of different discipline. Department in collaboraton with Zoology department has started Master degree courses in Life Sciences under Dibrugarh University from 2016.

Former Faculties of the Department were:

Sl No

Name of the faculty

Date of joining

Date of Superannuation


Tileswar Borgohain,


(As Principal 1988 to 09-07-1995)



Shiva Prasad Thakur,

M Sc.




Bharat Baruah,





Dr Padmeswar Gogoi,

M.Sc., Ph.D., FAPS




Dr. Dilip Hazarika,

M.Sc., Ph.D.


25-09-2017 (Exp)


Dr. Jatindra Nath Sarmah

M.Sc., Ph.D., FAPS




Dr. Bidyadhar Borthakur

M.Sc., Ph.D., FAPS


In 2007 Join in MHRD GoI


Present Faculties of the Department are:

 Sl No

Name of the faculty

Date of joining

Area of Specialization/ Interest   


Dr. Jayanta Barukial ,

M.Sc., Ph.D., FAPS, UGC-Post Doct Fellow

(As Principal from 18-02-2022)


Plant Taxonomy,Moss Taxonomy, Experimental Bryophytes


Dr. Roshan Sarmah,

M.Sc., Ph.D.,


Plant Physiology

Non-Timber Fotrst Products, Plant Ecology and Conservation, Livelihood Systems and Indigenous Knowledge Systems of Natural Resource Management


Mrs. Anima Kutum

M.Sc. (Double), M. Phil.


Mycology and plant Pathology


Mr. Phirose Kemprai,



Life Science and Bioinformatics 

Phytochemical analysis and biotransformation


Dr. Sukriti Dutta,

M.Sc., B. Ed., Ph.D.


Angiosperm taxonomy, Gas Chromatography


Ph. D. Supervisorship  : The following faculty members of the department  have been recognised as Ph. D. Supervisor by the Dibrugarh University.

1. Dr. Jayanta Barukial

2. Dr. Roshan Sarmah


Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning

Beside the lecture method the following methods are used by the department to improve student learning -

(i) Seminars, (ii) Group discussion,

(iii) visit to laboratories and botanically interest places,

(iv) Internet, (v) e-journals, (vi) Project works (Individual),

(vii) ICT facility in the class rooms etc.



  • Competent faculty member with research degrees and research publications
  • All teachers are very helpful to students,
  • Teachers are involved in research works, Various Co-Curricular activities of the college and also attend different Workshop, Training, Refreshers courses etc.
  • Running of Ph.D Course work 


  • Old academic buildings need renovation
  • Insufficient  infrastructure  facilities
  • Insufficient space for  Laboratory
  • Insufficient  Library facilities such as books and  reading room


  • Golaghat District is famous for number of Forest areas like Kaziranga National Park, Deopahar Reserve Forest, Nambor Reserve Forest, and various wet land areas where rich in plant diversity.therefore, it is every possible to organize Training cum Field study on plant diversity.
  • Scope for introducing new courses.
  • Scope for designing new syllabi for different courses.
  • Scope for strengthening outreach programme.
  • Scope for establishment of a centre for imparting coaching  for  competitive examination of the  local students .
  • Scope for more collaborative work with National and International level institutions and organizations, Industry and Academia.



  • Infrastructure of Academic building as well as laboratory should be improved.
  • To encouraged the student about the sustainable development.
  • All faculty should be engaged in academic Research and Developmental activities to change socioeconomic status of the society.


Future plans:

The department has the following future plans:

  • To organize national and international seminars;
  • To attract more students, organizing extension programs in the feeder institutions in the locality.
  • Extension  of existing Herbarium in the Department and Botanical Garden with the help of college authority.
  • Coaching of students for Competitive Examinations like ACS, IAS, TET, PET etc.
  • To organize training programme for school teachers.
  • Introduction of some skill based course viz  mushroo cultivation/ vermicompost/ herbal technology etc.
  • Upgradaton and  re-structurizaton of botanical garden.


List of eminent academicians and scientists / visitors to the department

  1. Prof. Alok Kr. Buragohain Vice –Chancellor , Dibrugarh University
  2. DR. S.P.Biswas , Professor ,Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University
  3. Prof. R.N.S. Yadav,  Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University.
  4. Prof. R. Samanta,  Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University.
  5. Prof.P.K. Borua, Dean  (Research and Development) Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh  University
  6. Prof.L.R.Saikia ,Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University.
  7. Prof. B. Neog, Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University.
  8. Dr. (Mrs.) D. S. Tomnar, HoD & Associate Professor, Dept. of Botany, D.C.B. Girls' College, Jorhat.
  9. Prof. A.K. Rai, Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University.
  10. Dr. (Mrs.) J. Saikia, Retd. HoD, Dept. of Botany, Gargaon College, Sibsagar
  11. Prof. C.L. Baissya, Ret. Prof. & Head, Dept Botany, Gauhati University
  12. Prof. S. Choudhury, Retd. Professor Dept. of Botany, Gauhati University.
  13. Prof. P. P. Baruah, Dept. of Botany, Gauhati University
  14. Dr. H. S. Thapa, Retd. HoD, Dept of Botany,  Aizawl, Mizoram
  15. Dr. P. Gogoi (retired HOD), Dept. of Botany, D.R. College.
  16. Dr. (Mrs.) M. Begum, Retd. HoD, Dept. of Botany, D.K.D. College, Dergaon.
  17. Dr. B. Borthakur, Principal NCERT, NE Region, Shillong.
  18. Prof. R. K Sharma, Professor, Dept. of Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana, Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guwahati
  19. Dr. Bipin Sarma, Dept. of Microbiology Tripura University
  20. Dr. Pankaj Chetia, Dept. of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University
  21.  Dr. Binod Borah ,  Deputy Register (Academic ), Dibrugarh University
  22.  Dr. R. Saikia, Director, CDC, Dibrugarh University
  23. Dr. P.R. Gajurel. Professor. Dept. of Forestry, NERIST (Deemed University) A.P.
  24. Dr. S. R. Sarmah, Head, Mycology & Microbiology, Tokolai Tea Research Institute, Jorhat



Dr. R. Sarmah



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