Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

About The Department

In its inception there was only Arts stream in D.R. College and the College was affiliated to Gauhati University. Later on, to fulfil the dream of the people of Golaghat district, Science stream was introduced in the year 1960 and in the same year, Department of Mathematics came into its existence. Dr. Kalicharan Das, a renowned philosopher and the then Principal of the college, who later on became the Professor of Philosophy of Gauhati University and a renowned mathematician, Mr. M. Anjalaidu were the founder teachers of the Department of Mathematics.  The department, which was started with Core course only, is now a full-fledged one with Major Course introduced way back in 1972.

List of Former Faculties:

  1. Dr. Kalicharan Das
  2. Mr. M. Anjalaidu
  3. Mr. Sarat Ch. Bora
  4. Mr. Niranjan Dey
  5. Mr. Bhola Saikia
  6. Mr. Birendra N. Sarma
  7. Dr. Ananda R. Bharali
  8. Dr. Bipul Ch. Bhuyan
  9. Dr. Santanu Acharjee

List of Present Faculties:

  1. Dr. Tapan Kr. Baishya
  2. Mr. Pranjal Bora
  3. Dr. Nilufar Mana Begum
  4. Mr. Ashik Hussain Mirza

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:

Although the Class room lecture is the primary method of teaching, group discussions, seminars, use of Internet, ICT facility in the classroom are used by the department to improve the students learning.


The Department has:  

  • One well equipped Computer Laboratory with software.
  • One Digital Classroom with Smart-board
  • One classroom with LCD projector
  • One traditional Classroom
  • One Departmental Library
  • Four permanent teachers.


  • Lack of infrastructure. No AC facility in Computer Lab.
  • Lack  of sufficient number of computers and software in the Laboratory.  
  • Lack of Internet facility.
  • No reading room for Departmental Library.
  • Insufficient space for teacher’s common room in the department.
  • No safe drinking water for teacher and students in the department.


A student with B.A./B.Sc. Degree in mathematics is eligible to apply for jobs like teacher, Scientist, any Govt. Related job. Bank PO, LIC, ACS, IAS, POST Office, CA and other competitive examinations etc. Moreover a student of Mathematics is competent for accountant, Auditor, traders in the Stock market etc.  


The department has many works to do:

  • Good result of the students in the university courses.
  • To prepare students for national level examinations like, JAM, CAT, NET etc.
  • To make the student efficient and well equipped for employment after completion of the degree. 
  • To start Post Graduate Programme in the department.

Future Plane

  • To Start Master Degree in the Department.
  • To improve the Present Departmental Laboratory.
  • To Organise National Level Seminar/ Workshop in the Department.

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