Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Mrs. Manisha Chaliha

Designation: Assistant Professor

Phone No: 9435418058

Specialization : Education
Qualification: MA in Education
Area of Interest: Implementation of semester system at the undergraduate level

Publications :

1.SIKSHA MONOBIJYAN, Textbook on Education, SARASWATI PRAKASHON ,ISBN : 978-81-922265-6-9

2.Article entitled as ATTITUDE OF TEACHERS TOWARDS SEMESTER SYSTEM AT UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL IN GENERAL DEGREE COLLEGES” in International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews” ISSN: 2279-0543,Volume-7, Issue- 4, October-December-2018

3.Article entitled as “A STUDY ON ATTITUDE TOWARDS SEMESTER SYSTEM OF STUDENTS AT THE UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL OF GENERAL DEGREE COURSE” in the following journal in “Research Guru” ISSN: 2349-266X, Volume-12, Issue-4, March-2019.

4.Article entitled as-NECESSITY OF CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (CBCS) IN SEMESTER SYSTEM inReflction” ISBN: 978-93-82931-24-9,Volume-3, August-2017

5.The investigator published an article entitled as- ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AND ATTITUDE OF STUDENTS TOWARDS SEMESTER SYSTEM IN GENERAL DEGREE COURSES in “Reflction” ISBN: 978-93-82931-24-9Volume-4, August-2019

6. Reforms of Collegiate Education and Accountability of College Teachers,  Page-113-117 REFLECTION, Jinku Borkotoky Biplob Gogoi, Debraj Roy College publication cell

10. Formation of Healthy Attitude  in Students towards Semester System at Under Graduate Level: A Key for Success,  Page no-62-66, BeekshaVol-X.N0.I; ISSN: 2278-4128

OP/RC/Seminar/wokshop Partcipation :

1. Orientation Programme (OP): ASC, Gauhati University, Assam from 28.08.2006 to 24.09.2006

2. Refresher Course (RC): ASC, Gauhati University, Assam from 04.01.2009 to 25.01.2009

3. Refresher Course (RC) : ASC, Gauhati University,Assam from 07.02.2012 to 27.02.2012

4. Refresher Course (RC): ASC, Calcutta University, West Bengal from 16.11.2013 to 06.12.2013

5. Short Term Course (STC): Human Resource Development Centre, North-Eastern Hill University,Shillong from 12.10.2015 to 17.10.2015


Seminar/Workshop Participation:

1. Participated in the workshop on- Gender sensitization with special emphasis on gender budgeting at higher educational institutions, Secretary of PRATITEE (Women forum of DR College ACTA Unit)-, Deputy Officer-in-charge, End-semester Examination, Resource Person in Workshop (Teacher Identity& School Culture),

2. Participated in “Attitude of teachers towards semester system at the undergraduate level of Dibrugarh University” in the UGC sponsored National Workshop, dated on 1.6.2018.

3.  National seminar: Semester system and annual system at the undergraduate level, 31.10.2015,

4. National seminar: “Role of new collegiate education in the development of rural society with special reference to implementation of semester system at U.G. level” dated on 16th and 17th September,2017.

5. National Seminar organised by the Department of Education, Dibrugarh University, dated on 29.04.2015 to 30.04.2015. Title of the paper: Teacher Education at Dfferent Level:Pre-school,Elementary.......Tertiary Level. 

6. National seminar organised by, Golaghat, dated on 31.10.2015, Title of the paper: Semester system and annual system at the undergraduate level.

Awards/Achievement received:

Other Responsibility :

Membership in Professional Bodies/organization/Committees :

1. Life Member of  North East India Education Society (NEIES)

2. Member of Health and Hygiene Cell

3. Member of Alumni Cell, DR College

4. Member of ACTA,D.R.College Unit,Assam

Extension Activities :

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