Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Dr. Pavitra Chutia

Designation: Assistant Professor

Phone No: 9101421021

Specialization : M.Sc in Life Sciences (Zoology)/Fish and Fisheries
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Fresh Water & Wildlife Ecology, Ethnobiology & Biodiversity Conservation

Publications :

Research Publication: 40 Research Paper published in both National and International Journals

1. Biodiversity and Conservation of Arthropod Natural Enemies in Tea Plantation of India: An Appraisal.Eco.Env.& Cons. 27 (4): 1885-1895 (2021)    Scopus Index    ISSN 0971-765X

2. The Diversity and Distribution of Indigenous Earthworm Species of golaghat District of Assam, Northeast India, 10 (2): 240-248.(2021) Asian Journal of Conservation Biology, Scopus Index ISSN 2278-7666

3.  Nutraceutical and medicinal bioresources used by Tea-tribe of Jorhat District of Assam. 18 (1A): 81-89 (2021) Bioinfolet, UGC-CARE Approved Journal, Indexed in Web of Science Citation Index Print ISSN: 0973-1431

4. Physico-chemical properties and associated active microbes of tea garden waste of Golaghat district of Assam, India, Flora & Fauna, 26(2): 247-253. (2020)  Flora & Fauna, Indexed in Web of Science Citation Index, ISSN 0971-6920 (Print)

5. Pesticidal effect of some organics on yellow tea Thrips, Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood. 18 (2): 252-253 (2021), Bioinfolet, UGC-CARE Approved Journal, Indexed in Web of Science Citation Index Print ISSN: 0973-1431

6. Habitat Quality with special reference to Fish Diversity in Kandulijan Beel of Dhemaji District, Assam, 2:75-86 (2020), 

Latest Trends in Zoology and Entomology Science, AKiNik Publication, New Delhi, ISBN:978-93-90420-32-2

7.  First record of an indigenous earthworm species Octolasion tyrtaeum (Savigny, 1826) from Golaghat District of Assam, India. 17(3A): 428-430, (2020), Bioinfolet, UGC-CARE Approved Journal, Indexed in Web of Science Citation Index Print ISSN: 0973-1431

8. Length-weight relationship, condition factor and gonadosomatic index of Mystus vittatus (Block, 1794) 17 (4A):612-614, (2020), Bioinfolet, UGC-CARE Approved Journal, Indexed in Web of Science Citation Index Print ISSN: 0973-1431

9.  First documentation of an indigenous earthworm species Perionyx pulvinatus Stephension 1916 from Golaghat District of Assam, North -east india. 11(4):265-267, (2020), NeBio, An International Journal of Environment and Biodiversity, Print ISSN 2278-2281


10. Ichthyofaunal composition and habitat ecology Iin the downstream of Ranganadi River Dam, N.E. India, 20-29 (2019), Book of proceeding “National Seminar on Conservation and Preservation of Bioresources in North-East India, ISBN-978-8-941574-0-3

PhD Degree Awarded: 2 Scholar awarded

1. Dr. Liladhar Pegu

Topic: Inventoeization, Species Diversity and Habitat Ecology of Fresh Water Molluscan Fauna of Dhemaji District, Assam.                                                     Date of Notification: DU/RG/PhD/07/2020/3971 Dated: 11/08/2020


2. Dr. Jaidayal Mali

Topic: Studies on the Ichthyofaunal Composition, Productivity and Socio-economic status of Fishermen in the Downstream of Ranganadi River Dam, North East India

Notification: DU/RG/PhD/04/2021/4385 Dated: 03/05/2021

PhD Thesis Submitted: 2

1. Apurba saikia

Topic: Studies on Production and Utilization of Organic Manure from Tea Waste by Indigenous Earthworm  Species

Submission Date: 28-01-2022

2. Bobita Phukan Borkataky

Topic: Ethnobiological Studies of Tea Tribe Community of Jorhat and Golaghat District of Assam and A Biochemical Analysis of Selected Edible Flora and Insect Fauna.

submission Date: 28-02-2022

PhD Scholar registered: 2

1. Seuj Dohutia

Topic: Investigation on Captive Rearing and Propagation of Channa stewarti (Playfair,1867)

Date of Registration: 17-06-2020

2. Chayanika Chetia

Topic: Bioecological studies of Scritothrips dorsalis HOOD, A Major Pest of Tea and Evaluation of Some Biopesticides for Its Management

Date of Registration: 19-03-2021


RESEARCH PROJECT (Completed and ongoing)-6

1. UGC Sponsored Minor Research Project: Studies on extraction and utilization pattern of wildlife resources by the tribal people and impacts on biodiversity of Arunachal Pradesh (During 2008-2010) Ref. No. F.5-273/2007-08 (MRP/NERO)/6352 Grant/ Amount Mobilized:  55,000/- (Completed)

2.  UGC Sponsored Minor Research Project (completed): “Studies on the prevalence of parasites in selected ornamental fish species from Assam” Ref. No. F.5-126/2015-16 (MRP/NERO)/516 dtd 16th March 2017 Grant/ Amount Mobilized (Rs lakh): 1,20,000/- (Completed)

3. DST Sponsored Major Project: INSPIRE Internship Science Camp (Ref. no. DST/INSPIRE/01/2017/000996, Dated 7th December, 2017 Grant/ Amount Mobilized (Rs lakh) 10,0000/- (Completed)

4. DST Sponsored Major Project: INSPIRE Internship Science Camp (Ref. no. DST/INSPIRE/01/2018/000540, Dated 18th September, 2018 Grant/ Amount Mobilized (Rs lakh): 10,0000/- (Completed)

5. UGC Sponsored Minor Research Project (completed): Ecology of the river Subansiri in relation to fishery UGC, Govt. of India 2 Years Grant/ Amount Mobilized:  50,000/-(Completed)

6. G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment and Sustainable Development, Govt. of India sponsored Major Project: “Documentation of Ornamental fish diversity, development of breeding techniques and empowerment of fishermen in the downstream of Ranganadi Dam, North-East India” Ref. No. GBPI/IERP/18-19/10 Dated 12th July, 2019 Grant/ Amount Mobilized (Rs lakh): 14,94,800/-  (Ongoing)


Text Book Publication

1. “Bijnan” for Class IX (Assamese Medium) four Chapters (Zoology) , The Board of Secondary Education, Assam by the Assam State Text Book Publication & Publication Corporation Ltd, Guwahati.

2. “Bijnan” for Class X (Assamese Medium) five Chapters (Zoology), The Board of Secondary Education, Assam by the Assam State Text Book Publication & Publication Corporation Ltd, Guwahati.




































OP/RC/Seminar/wokshop Partcipation :

Refresher/ Orientation Programs/short term course completed:

  1. UGC Sponsored Short Term Course on 27-05-2019 to 01-06-2019 at NEHU, Shillong UGC 2.
  2.  UGC Sponsored Refresher Course on 30-09-2014 to 20-10-2014 at Goa University, Goa
  3. UGC Sponsored Orientation Program on 27-11-2008 to 24-12-2008 at NEHU, Shillong
  4. UGC Sponsored Refresher Course on 6-10-2008 to 28-11-2008 at NEHU, Shillong
  5. NIELIT, Guwahati sponsored Faculty Development Program on March  26th to 31st , 2019

Participated Workshop

  1. Webinar on Turtle Conservation in India, at D.R, College, 0n 6th July, 2020
  2. National Seminar on Trends in Biological Sciences and Sustainable Development, held on 5th and 6th February, 2020 at Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh
  3. On National Seminar on Conservation and Preservation of Bioresources in North East India, at CNB College, Bokakhat on 28th & 29th June, 2019
  4. Workshop  on Bioinformatics: Tools & Applications, on 23rd -29th April, 2019 at Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh
  5. DST INSPIRE Science Camp organizing Coordinators workshop on 2018 at USTM, Meghalaya
  6. National Conference on Bioresources for sustaining Life and Livilihoods in North-East India, on 4th and 5th October, 2018  at Nagaon College, Naogaon
  7. National Seminar on Emerging Issues of Agriculture and Allied Sector in North East India: Past and the Way Forward on 7th and 8th April. 2017
  8. Workshop on Capacity building in grant Writing skills and Effective Management of IPR in Biotechnology by Universities and Research Institutes in NER, India, on November, 16-18, 2016.
  9. International Conference on on Global Biodiversity, Climat Change and Sustainable Development (ICBCS-2016) on October, 15-18, 2016 at RGU, Arunachal Pradesh.
  10. DST Sponsored Workshop on Biochemical and Molecular Techniques in Biology Teaching and Research on February 23 -28, 2015.
  11. NAAC Sponsored National Seminar on Changing in Teaching-Learning and Evaluation System of Higher Education on 31st October & 1st Nvember, 2015 at D.R. College, Golaghat.
  12. Workshop on Towards Understanding the Self participated as a resource person on January 2nd to 13th , 2013 at D.R. College, Golaghat
  13. International Seminar on Bioresources and Human Sustenance on October 20 to 22, 2011 at Cotton College, Guwahati.
  14. International Conference on Molecular Signaling: Recent Trends in Biosciences on November 20-22, 2015 at NEHU, Shillong
  15. Workshop on Evaluation of Home Assignments under Open and Distance Education on 29th March, 2011 at JDSG College, Bokakhat
  16. Faculty Training & Motivation & Adoption of Schools & Colleges by CSIR Labs organized by

                 NEIST, Jorhat during 28th -29th January 2010.

  1. National Workshop on Role of IQAC in Overall Upgradation of Higher Educational Institutes on March 27th & 28th 2009 at D.R. College, Golaghat
  2. Seminar on Semester System in Higher Education on January 11, 2010 at D.R. College, Golaghat
  3. International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation and Management on February 3-6, 2008 at Cochin University of Science & Technology, Cochi.
  4. International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation in Asia: Current Status and Future Perspectives on November 17-20 2005 at Kathmandu, Nepal.
  5. Research Methodology organized by ICSSR-NERC during 20-24th March 2006 at NERIST,

Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

  1. National Conference on Arunachal Pradesh: Tradition in Transition Linking Ecology, Economics and Ethics, NERIST, on September 13-16 2005.

Awards/Achievement received:


Certificate of Honour for Worthy Research Contribution made in the area of Ethnozoology and Wildlife Biology by Rajiv Gandhi University at International conference on Global biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development, (ICBCS-2016) held at RGU, Ronohills, Arunachal Pradesh, India, From 15th -18th October, 2016

Other Responsibility :

Membership in Professional Bodies/organization/Committees :

Membership of professional Bodies, Editorship of Journals etc.:

  1. International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Science, New Delhi.
  2. Life Member of Assam Science Society, Guwahati, Assam

Extension Activities :

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