Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Teaching learning facilities available

2022-03-12 16:51:01

  • Well furnished Class room with CCTV camera. 
  • Class room wirh Powerpoint projector.
  • Digital Class room.
  • Well equiped Laboratories with running water.
  • Laboratory with sofesticated instruments.
  • Central Instrumentation Laboratory.
  • Conference Hall
  • Research wing for Ph.D Scholar.
  • Harberium. 
  • Botanical Garden.
  • e-Journal in Central Liberary facility

laboratory facilities

2022-03-13 20:12:20

Some presentation of classes and Study materials

2022-03-13 20:43:54

Plant Physiology


Study materials


Plant Systematics 


Study materials


Study materials of Algae

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