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Proceeding of National Conference on Nanomaterials and its Application (NCNA-17)

2022-03-14 11:41:40

The UGC sponsored national conference is organized by the Dept of Physics, Debraj Roy College in 2017. It was highly successful event with participants from all over the region.

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Academic Collaboration with Dept of Physics, Kaziranga University

2022-03-15 10:59:44

Academic Collaboration with Dept of Physics, Bahona College

2022-03-15 11:02:41

Invited talk on Astrophysics by Prof. Dinesh Kr. Srivastava (Ex-Director, VECC) on 17-03-2017.

2022-03-17 15:00:18

Popular lecture on on high energy physics by Prof. Utpal Sarkar (Ex-Dean, PRL, Ahmedabad) on 22-08-2012.

2022-03-17 15:05:30

Webinar on 'Black Hole: From Birth to Imaging', speaker: Dr. Indu Kalpa Dihingia IIT, Indore on 16-07-2021.

2022-03-17 15:19:20

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